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Company Profile

Mission Statement :  Universal NDT will continually provide thorough and attentive service to our customers, bring the utmost level of integrity to our business efforts, and maintain our knowledgeable position in the ever-changing Non-Destructive Testing industry.

Universal NDT - our NDT lineage and knowledge base

1983 - Universal NDT is founded by Leonard Garcia, Sr. (Leonard) and Dean Harris, 2 previous owners of URESCO.  Universal NDT, followed the same business model and even derived most of its name and half of its logo from URESCO (Universal Reliability Equipment Supply COmpany).  URESCO was founded by Leonard, Bob Schultz, and Jim Simpkins in 1961 as a company focused on 3rd party audits for Douglas Aircraft Company, NBS traceable calibration, manufacture, repair, and sales of NDT equipment, accessories, and supplies.  URESCO was sold to Ardrox / Brent Chemical in 1980.  In 1993 Brent Chemical sold off the Ardrox equipment manufacturing line to Gould Bass.  Brent Chemical eventually sold to Chemetall Oakite, and is now owned by BASF.

1996 - Leonard Garcia Enterprises (LGE) is purchased - LGE was founded in 1979 by Leonard Garcia, Jr. (Lenny) and quickly became the largest industrial x-ray film processor service company in Southern California.

1997 - Dean Harris (President) and Joan Harris (Office Manager) both resign - Lenny becomes President and General Manager a few months sooner than originally agreed upon.  Joe Garcia becomes Vice President, Sales Manager, and Quality Manager.

1999 - A deal to purchase the stock owned by Dean Harris is completed - Lenny becomes majority owner.

2002 - NWHW is purchased - John Higgins was a friendly competitor that performed NIST traceable calibration, repairs, and sales of Magnetic Particle Units and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems.  WHT was founded in 1974 by partners Frank Wall, Higgins (both former Magnaflux Service Techs,) and Gene Till (a former URESCO service tech).  WHT later became WHW after the death of Till, then NWHW (North-WHW) after the split with the Walls.

2007Universal NDT signs an 11 year, non-compete, contract with Test Equipment Distributors (TED)  for the accessory and supply sales segment of our business.  TED co-located at our warehouse in Upland until 2018.

• 2010 - Lenny retires - Joe Garcia becomes President and General Manager.

2010 - On-Site Metrology Laboratory Services, a new business segment is kicked off - We contract our employee/s to run, or help run, our customer's Metrology Lab / Calibration Department.

2018 - JS&P Enterprises is purchased - John Pileggi was a friendly competitor that was the Authorized MAGNAFLUX Service Center in Southern California and performed NIST traceable calibrations.  John founded JS&P Enterprises in 1978 after years of being a Magnaflux Service Technician.

2018 - Magnaflux appoints Universal NDT as an Authorized MAGNAFLUX Service Center.  Both Joe Garcia and Michael De Leon became certified Magnaflux Authorized Service Center Technicians later in the year.

• 2021 - A deal to purchase the stock owned by Lenny is completed - Joe Garcia becomes majority owner.

• 2021 - NDT Unlimited's calibration & repair department is purchased - Frank Wall, Tracy Atkins-Wall, and Randy Wall were friendly competitors that performed ISO 17025 accredited and NIST traceable calibrations and repairs of Magnetic Particle Units and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems.

• 2021 - Our Calibration Laboratory achieves ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation -  3rd party accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 specification governs our Quality System.

Our Outstanding Employees

JOE GARCIA -  since 1987: El Presidente, General Manager, Service Manager, Equipment Manufacturing Manager, NIST traceable Calibration Tech., and certified Magnaflux Authorized Service Center Technician:  Joe began his IRS taxable career with LGE servicing industrial x-ray film processors, but he and his twin brother Mike had started helping Lenny since the age of 9: pre-mixing Developer and Fixer for delivery, reclaiming silver from spent fixer, and shucking interleaf paper from x-ray film prior to reclamation.  Joe earned a Minor in Spanish from the University of Granada in Spain in 1993 and a Bachelor's in Business Management from Cal State Long Beach in 1994.  In 2004 he was recognized for being part of Three Generations of one Family to serve as Chairman for the Greater Los Angeles Section of the ASNT, and was a member of the ASNT's 2005 Board of Director's Selection Committee.  Filling our Managerial positions keeps his life busy and hair thinning.

NEVA GOLSCH -  since 2000: Office Manager and Accounts Payable.  Having worked in the Construction, Aerospace, and Technical Systems Industries, as well as owning a small business for 18 years, Neva brought us office management experience that began in 1969.  Her great sense of professionalism and well-rounded knowledge of business has made her the hub of our office.

NAM HUA -  since 2005: X-ray Repair Tech. (Independent Contractor):  Nam has been an industrial x-ray service technician since 1987.  He was a certified Philips X-ray technician and has a wealth of knowledge working exclusively on industrial x-ray units, such as: Comet, Waygate, Lorad, Gulmay, Yxlon, Varex/Varian, Hamamatsu, GE, Andrex, Philips, Seifert, ERESCO, Pantak, Gemini, FaxitronBalteau, Sperry, Picker, Magnaflux, Fein Focus.

MICHAEL DE LEON -  since 2016: Vice President, Quality Manager, Sales Manager, NIST traceable Calibration Tech., and certified Magnaflux Authorized Service Center Technician.  Michael earned an Associate of Science degree in Mathematics and Physical & Biological Sciences from Citrus College in 2012 and completed 3 years of a Mathematics degree at Cal Poly Pomona.  Since 2019 Michael has volunteered his time with ASNT's STEM outreach program and is on the Board of Directors for the Greater Los Angeles Section of the ASNT.  He keeps our Quality System in compliance with ISO 17025 and our Calibration System in compliance with ISO 10012, ANSI-Z-540, and Mil-Std-45662A.

VICKI ALAMILLO -  since 2019: Assistant Office Manager and Accounts Receivable.  Vicki earned an Associate of Science degree in Human Resources from Mt. San Antonio College in 1990.  She worked 20 years in Human Resources and Accounting for a large corporation, and 10 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Her years of experience quickly added even more professionalism to our office.

MAURICIO SEGOVIA -  since 2012: On-Site Metrology Laboratory Service Lead Technician, Mag Unit Repair Tech, and Penetrant System Repair Tech.  He helps run our customer's Metrology Lab. and provides training for our technicians.  His knowledge and professionalism keeps our customer's employees happy and their equipment In Tolerance.

NICK PACHECO -  since 2018: Service Coordinator, NIST traceable Calibration Tech., and On-Site Metrology Laboratory Service Tech.  He sets our service schedule and works with our customers to help them comply with their specification requirements.  His previous employment gave him excellent customer service skills.

IGNACIO BARBOSA -  since 2022: Penetrant System Repair Tech, Mag Unit Repair Tech and General Labor.  Ignacio was an industrial x-ray radiographer beginning in 1976.  He spent years, at many different companies around Southern California, and is semi-retired, working with us part-time.

CARLOS PORTILLO -  since 2022: Film Processor Repair Tech, Penetrant System Repair Tech, and General Labor.  He has a great work ethic, and an eagerness to help whereever needed.

JAMES ALARCON -  since 2022: Penetrant System Repair Tech and General Labor.  James has worked in various industries over the years, which provides him with good mechanical skills.  His good sense of humor and quick wit, are appreciated by our customers.

SAMANTHA SALAZAR -  since 2022: NIST traceable Calibration Tech. and Safety Manager.  Samantha came to us with years of experience working on family vehicles.  With a pleasant attitude, great computer skills, an Associate of Science degree in Aviation Mechanic Technician, and a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration, we were able to quickly train her in field calibration and completing our computer-generated certifications.

TONY WOODS -  since 2023: On-Site Metrology Laboratory Service Tech.  He helps run our customer's Metrology Dept.  Tony has years of experience being an auto body & paint specialist, which he continues after-hours and on weekends.

KIM VALENCIA -  since 2023: Secretary and Assistant Service Coordinator.  She worked at Fed Ex for years, and besides having a pleasant demeanor, she is a certified forklift operator.

SEBASTIAN ALTAMIRANO -  since 2023: NIST traceable Calibration Tech.  An extremely fast learner and detailed oriented Tech.

DANIEL BARAJAS -  since 2023: NIST traceable Calibration Tech.  Daniel quickly displayed a great work ethic and eagerness to learn.

MIKE WOODS -  since 2023: On-Site Metrology Laboratory Service Tech.  He helps run our customer's Metrology Dept.  Mike has years of experience working in the Graphic Arts industry.

CHRIS LOPEZ -  since 2024: Technical Sales Representative.  Chris comes to us with 23 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry.  With an extreme facility to learn and an outgoing personality, he looks to become our standout star.  Chris completed a Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology and Master's in Education, both from the University of Arizona, where he also played college football as a member of their lauded Desert Swarm defense of the early 1990's.  In his freetime, he is a High School Football coach for his sons teams.

ALEX BETANCOURT -  since 2024: NIST traceable Calibration Tech. and General Labor.  Alex began in Quality Control in 1996 and in 2003 began performing Penetrant, X-ray, Visual, and Dimensional Inspections at various customers around Southern California.  His general knowledge of the NDT industry was quickly put to use.

LEONARD GARCIA, JR. -  Died on Aug. 22, 2023, at the age of 79.  Lenny started his NDT career in 1963, working for General Inspection Labs. and later at Cedtech Labs., as a Level II inspector in X-ray, Magnetic Particle, Fluorescent Dye Penetrant, and Ultrasonic Inspections.  He served our country during the Vietnam wartime, stationed in Germany with the Army. He was a founding owner of Cedillos Testing with Art Cedillos, then left to help with sales and service at URESCO, Inc. and later moved on to WMW Associates as a sales and service associate.  During this time he earned an Associate of Science degree in Quality Control from Rio Hondo College, with a minor in Business Administration. In 1979 he founded LEONARD GARCIA ENTERPRISES (LGE) which was the largest industrial x-ray film processor service company in Southern California.  In 1996, LGE was bought by Universal NDT, and they moved into the LGE's shop in Upland.  In 2004 he was recognized for being part of Three Generations of one Family to serve as Chairman for the Greater Los Angeles Section of the ASNT, in 2018 he was recognized for 50 years of membership in ASNT, and in 2023 he joined his father as a Tree of Knowledge Honoree for the Memorial Installation at ASNT's International Service Center.   His many years of experience in the NDT industry as both an inspector and mostly as a sales and service professional, made him an indispensable help to the corporation.  His friendly personality and smile are greatly missed.

LEONARD GARCIA, SR. -  Died on Jan. 13, 2005, at the age of 85.  Leonard started his NDT career in 1938 at Ansco Films (the American arm of Agfa, which later merged with GAF), then in 1942 moved on to Ferro-Spec Labs. where he became the  Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant manager.  During his stretch at Ferro-Spec he got drafted by the Army during World War II and was stationed in Japan.  In 1961 he ventured out with 2 colleagues to found URESCO, Inc. a 3rd party auditing firm for Douglas Aircraft Co., that soon became a premier manufacturer, distributor, repair, and calibration provider of Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems, Magnetic Particle Units, Industrial X-ray Units, and Ultrasonic equipment.  In 1980, URESCO was bought by Ardrox, and he founded Universal NDT, Inc. in 1983 with a colleague.  Leonard brought the Tri-Con Wash Gun into the industry, after seeing it being used at a Garden Supply Store.  He, and a bunch of other old-timers, sat around drinking in a hotel room during an ASNT conference and established the 'minimum dwell times' that are now Penetrant Inspection standards.  He taught many NDT classes in both English and Spanish,  helped establish the Materials Science Dept. at Don Bosco Technical Institute in 1956, was on the NDT Advisory Committee that helped establish an NDT curriculum for Cerritos College from 1968-1983, he was elected a Fellow of the ASNT in 1974, served as a National Director from 1975-1978, served on many of the National organizing committees for ASNT, was recognized in 2004 for being part of Three Generations of one Family to serve as Chairman for the Greater Los Angeles Section of the ASNT, posthumously received the ASNT Mentoring Award in 2005, and in 2019 was included in the first class of Tree of Knowledge Honorees for the Memorial Installation at ASNT's International Service Center.  His contribution to NDT is well documented in the hearts and minds of the many colleagues, customers, and students that will always hold him in high regard.


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