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Company Profile

Universal NDT, Inc. A company with a strong NDT PAST. A company with a strong NDT PRESENT.  A company with a strong NDT FUTURE.  A company you need to be involved with.    Just kidding!    Well sort of.

We may think so, and hopefully all of our customers do as well, but we'll let you decide after using our services and letting us sell you some NDT products.

• 1983 - Universal NDT, Inc. was founded by 2 previous owners of URESCO, as a company focused on NIST traceable calibration, manufacture, repair, and sales of NDT equipment, accessories, and supplies.

• 1996 - LEONARD GARCIA ENTERPRISES (LGE), a film processor service company, was purchased by Universal NDT and brought its younger management, service capabilities, and employees to the company.

• 2002 - NWHW, a company owned by John Higgins, agrees to a mutually beneficial agreement to sell his business to Universal NDT.  NWHW was a friendly competitor that was founded in 1974 and performed NIST traceable calibration, repairs, and sales of Magnetic Particle Units and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems.

• 2007 – Test Equipment Distributors buys the supply and accessory segment of our business, allowing Universal NDT to focus on the NIST traceable calibration, manufacture, repair, and sales part of our business.

• 2010 - On-Site Metrology Laboratory Services, a new business segment for Universal NDT, was kicked off.  We contract our employee/s into our customer’s facility to run, or help run, it’s Metrology Department.

With a solid mix of experienced and young employees, Universal NDT is poised to continue in business for many more decades.

Mission Statement :  Universal NDT will continually provide thorough and attentive service to our customers, bring the utmost level of integrity to our business efforts, and maintain our knowledgeable position in the ever-changing NDT world

Our Outstanding Employees

JOE GARCIA -  President, General Manager, Sales Manager, Service Manager, Equipment Manufacturing Manager, and Quality Manager:  Joe started his IRS taxable career in 1987, servicing industrial x-ray film processors for LGE, but had years of prior knowledge reclaiming silver from spent fixer and shucking interleaf paper from x-ray film prior to reclamation.  Joe earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at Cal State Long Beach in 1994 and a minor in Spanish from the Universidad de Granada in Spain in 1993.  In 1995 he began NIST traceable calibrations on Magnetic Particle Units and Penetrant Inspection systems, and repairs on Wet Horizontal Magnetic Particle Units and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems.  As Quality Manager he keeps our Quality System in compliance with ISO 17025 and our Calibration System in compliance with ISO 10012, ANSI-Z-540 and Mil-Std-45662A.  Wearing the hats of President, General Manager, Sales Manager, Service Manager, and Equipment Manufacturing Manager, keeps his life busy and his hair thinning.

NEVA GOLSCH -  Office Manager, since 2000.  Having worked in the Construction, Aerospace and Technical Systems Industries, as well as owning a small business for 18 years, Neva brought us office management experience that began in 1969.  Her great sense of professionalism and well-rounded knowledge of business has made her the hub of our office.

ANTHONY VALLEJO -  Sales Associate, Service Coordinator, NIST traceable Calibration Technician, and Film Processor Technician, since 2011.

MAURICIO SEGOVIA -  On-Site Metrology Laboratory Services Manager, since 2012.

LIZ PORTILLO -  Film Processor Repair Technician and NIST traceable Calibration Technician, since 2012.

KEVIN RAMIREZ -  Sales Associate, NIST traceable Calibration Technician, and Repair Technician for Magnetic Particle Units and  Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems, since 2015.

EDGAR CARRILLO -  On-Site Metrology Laboratory Services technician and NIST traceable Calibration Technician, since 2015.

MICHAEL DE LEON -  Shipping & Receiving Services Manager, NIST traceable Calibration Technician, and On-Site Metrology Laboratory Services technician, since 2016.  

NAM HUA - X-ray Repair Technician (Independent Contractor):  Nam has been an industrial x-ray service technician since 1987.  He has been certified on Philips X-ray equipment and has a wealth of knowledge from all these years working exclusively on industrial x-ray units such as Philips, Seifert, Pantak, Gemini, Faxitron, Gulmay, Comet, Balteau, Sperry, Andrex, Lorad, Fein Focus, and Yxlon x-ray equipment.

LEONARD GARCIA, JR. -  Retired in 2010:  Lenny started his NDT career in 1963 working for General Inspection Labs. and later at Cedtech Labs. as a Level II inspector in X-ray, Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspections.  He likewise served our country during the Vietnam wartime, stationed in Germany with the Army. He was a founding owner of Cedillos Testing with Art Cedillos, then left in 1973 to help with sales and service at URESCO, Inc. and later moved on to WMW Associates as a sales and service associate.  During this time he earned an Associate degree in Quality Control, with a minor in Business Administration. In 1979 he founded LEONARD GARCIA ENTERPRISES (LGE) which was the largest industrial x-ray film processor service company in Southern California.  In 1996, LGE was bought by Universal NDT, and they moved to the LGE offices in Upland.  His many years of experience in the NDT industry as both an inspector and mostly as a sales and service professional, make him an indispensable owner of the corporation.


LEONARD GARCIA, SR. -  Died on Jan. 13, 2005 at the age of 85.  His years of experience and wealth of knowledge are sorely missed.  Leonard started his NDT career in 1938 at Ansco Films (the American arm of Agfa, which later became GAF, and was finally bought again by Agfa), then in 1942 moved on to Ferro-Spec Labs. where he became the  Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Dye Penetrant manager.  During his stretch at Ferro-Spec he got called to serve our country in World War II, where he was stationed in Japan with the Army.  In 1961 he ventured out with 2 colleagues to establish URESCO, Inc. a company originally founded to be a 3rd party auditing firm for Douglas Aircraft Co., but soon became a premier manufacturer, distributor, repair, and calibration provider of Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems, Magnetic Particle Units, Industrial X-ray Units, and Ultrasonic equipment.   Years later, URESCO was bought by Ardrox (which eventually sold off the equipment manufacturing and accessory line to Gould Bass), and he once again ventured out with a colleague to establish Universal NDT, Inc.  Leonard brought the Tri-Con Wash Gun into the industry, and helped establish minimum dwell times that are now penetrant inspection standards.  Over the years, he taught many NDT classes in both English and Spanish,  helped establish the Materials Science Dept. at Don Bosco Technical Institute in 1956, was on the advisory committee that helped establish a curriculum in NDT at Cerritos College in 1978, he was elected a Fellow of the ASNT in 1974, served as a National Director from 1975-1978, served on many of the National organizing committees for ASNT, and in June of 2004 was recognized as being part of Three Generations of one Family to serve as a Chairman for the Greater Los Angeles Section of the ASNT.  His contribution to NDT is well documented in the hearts and minds of the many friends, colleagues, customers and students that will always hold him in such high regard. 


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Check out our Facebook page to see multiple pictures of our Equipment