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Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment, Accessories, & Supplies

Universal NDT offers every type of Magnetic Particle Unit, and any Accessory & Supply item imaginable.

Beginning with roots at URESCO and continuing through today, we have the knowledge since 1961 and the current experience to best fit your facility's needs.

DEMAGNETIZING UNITS -    We manufacture our own line of Demag Units (photos on the left)

Stand-Alone or Table Mounted Coils

Track & Carriage - to ease part movement through Table Mounted Coils

Archimedes Coils (also known as - Pancake or Flat Coils) - We manufacture our own line of these Coils.  Great for flat parts like Aircraft Brakes, Clutch Discs, and Bearing Races.

These Coils can be clamped between the Head and Tail Stock of a Wet, Horizontal Bench / Stationary Mag Unit, or connected with 4/O Cables to a Portable Mag Unit, a Mobile Mag Unit, or Stationary Power Pack.

Wet, Horizontal Bench / Stationary MAGNETIC PARTICLE UNITS :


SINGLE DIRECTION - with Built-In Demagnetization.

"MULTI-DIRECTIONAL" - "multivector", "multifunctional", "3-D" (whatever you want to call it) Wet Horizontal Magnetic Particle Units.  Either 2 or 3 directions at the same time, with Built-In Demagnetization.


EXTREMELY LONG Mag. Benches with EXTREMELY LARGE Head / Tail Stocks and Coils - can be Single or Multidirectional with Built-In Demagnetization.  Rotating Head / Tail Stocks.

NON-CONTACT "MULTI-DIRECTIONAL" -  a magnetic particle unit that will apply a multidirectional current to a part without having to clamp between a Head and Tail Stock.  The multidirectional tunnel works excellently on a basket full of spherical parts and fasteners at the same time, getting I.D. and O.D. in one shot on tubular parts.  This is all easily proven with a QQI flaw shim.

Power Pack MAGNETIC PARTICLE UNITS : allowing use of the Cable-Clamp, Cable-Prod, Cable Wrap Coil, and Archimedes Coil processes.

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PORTABLES - small enough for one person to carry, yet providing 750 amps (35 pounds) or 1500 amps (93 pounds) of single phase, Alternating Current (AC) and Hall Wave Direct Current (HWDC) magnetization.

MOBILES - a heavier, wheeled unit to move to large/heavy parts needing 3000, 4000, or 6000 amps of single phase, AC and HWDC magnetization.

STATIONARY - for very large/very heavy parts needing 6000, 10,000 or 20,000 amps of 3 phase AC, HWDC, and Full Wave Direct Current (FWDC) magnetization in single or multi-directional modes.





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