Sales, Repairs, and ISO 17025 accredited / NIST traceable Calibrations of Non-Destructive Testing Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies

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 Authorized MAGNAFLUX Service Center 

Ultrasonic Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection, Laser Geometry Measuring, Tank Floor Inspection, Cleaning Systems, & Paint Booths

ULTRASONIC INSPECTION (UT) - UT Automated Immersion Tanks; Automated UT In-Line & Off-Line Plate Inspection; Automated UT Inspection of Pipe, Bars, Billets, and Rails; Bond Testing Flaw Detector; Thickness Gages; Reference Blocks, Test Blocks, & Calibration Blocks; Couplants

EDDY CURRENT INSPECTION (ET) -  Automated Non-Contact Detection of Hard Spots in Plates; Test Blocks

AUTOMATED LASER GEOMETRY MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - for plates, sheets, strips, and slabs of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

QUALITY SEGREGATOR INSTRUMENTATION - Sorting of Mixed Materials, Cast Segregation of Steel, Heat Treated Segregation, Structural Segregation, Hardness Segregation, and Dimension Segregation.

MEASURING DEVICES – calipers, dial indicators, micrometers, depth gages, pin gages, thread plugs, ring gages, height gages, pitch gages, feeler gages, comparators, profile projectors, magnifiers, loupes, scales, shims, gage blocks, comparator stands, etc. etc.

TANK FLOOR SCANNER - Storage Tank Floor Plate Inspection using Magnetic Flux Leakage.

SURFACE CLEANING SYSTEMS - In-Line Plate Cleaning System; Etching Lines; Spinning Spray Cabinet using Aqueous Cleaning Solutions; Transducer Cleaning Tank

PAINT BOOTHS - Automated and Manual Paint Booths, using Electrostatic or HVLP Spray Systems

HOSES & FITTINGS – pressure regulators, blow-off guns, retractable hose fixtures, coiled hoses, air fittings, snap together hose, etc. etc.

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