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CarestreamNDT   Digital X-ray

 MAGNAFLUX Equipment & Supplies 

Authorized MAGNAFLUX Service Center 

Products for : Ultrasonic Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection, EMAT Inspection, Resonant Inspection, Laser Geometry Measuring, and Visual Inspection

Cleaning Systems for Pre- and Post-Inspection & Paint Booths


  • Automated In-Line & Off-Line Plate UT
  • Automated UT of Pipe, Bars, Billets, and Rails
  • Wireless & Robotic UT of Longitudinal & Circumferential Pipes & Tanks
  • UT of Friction Stir Welds
  • Flaw Detectors
  • Thickness Gages
  • UT Reference, Resolution, & Calibration Blocks
  • UT Area & Distance/Area Amplitude Blocks
  • McDonnell Douglas UT Reference Standards, Boeing UT Angle Beam Block, Convex Surface Standards, Sizing Blocks, ASTM Standards,...
  • Couplants


  • Automated In-Line or Off-Line, Non-Contact Detection of Hard Spots/Bruises in Plates using ET
  • ET Test Blocks & Coupons

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCTION (EMAT) -  a type of Ultrasonic Inspection that generates the sound in the part under inspection instead of in the Transducer as with traditional UT.

  • Non-Contact, EMAT Portable Gauge to determine Wall Thickness in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials to detect: Corrosion, Erosion, and characterization of mechcanical properties (hot spots)
  • Non-Contact, In-Line EMAT Grain Size Monitoring
  • Non-Contact, In-Line EMAT Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Non-Contact, In-Line EMAT Scarfing Quality Inspection to maintain Weld line tolerances prior to cut-off
  • EMAT of blooms coming directly off the continuous casting line to detect Liquid Core to ensure the correct position to cut the bloom.  This avoids: liquid metal losses which lead to equipment damage, higher material scrap rates, and reduced lifespan of production lines
  • Mechanized, Non-Contact EMAT for wall thickness of combustion engine cylinder sleeves
  • Automated, Non-Contact EMAT of electronic components such as multilayer ceramic capacitors and ferrite components

RESONANT INSPECTION (RI) -  the part Non-Destructively hits, or is hit by, a RAM Impactor (RAM) that causes a structural vibration / part resonance, just like the 'ringing of a bell'.  Just as a Bell with a crack will produce a different sound, the Resonant Inspection (RI) System can determine: the presence of both internal and surface defects, material property differences, dimensional differences, wall thickness differences, and coating thickness differences. The resonance applied to the part allows for a computer aided, automated, Pass-Fail, Resonant Inspection (RI) of the entire part in one single, rapid test.

  • Automated, Pass-Fail (RI) using a RAM Drop with Automated Sorting
  • Automated, Pass-Fail (RI) using an automated RAM Conveyor with Automated Sorting
  • Automated, Pass-Fail (RI) using an automated RAM Work Table
  • Automated, Pass-Fail (RI) using a manual RAM Hammer

AUTOMATED LASER GEOMETRY MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - for plates, sheets, strips, and slabs of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • Borescopes
  • Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Depth Gages, Height Gages
  • Gage Blocks, Pin Gages, Shims, Pitch Gages, Feeler Gages
  • Thread plugs, Ring Gages
  • Comparator stands, Profile Projectors
  • Magnifying Comparators, Magnifying Loupes
  • Scales


  • In-Line Plate Cleaning System
  • Etching Lines
  • Cleaning Tanks using Ultrasonic Transducers and/or Circulated, Heated, Solutions

PAINT BOOTHS - Automated and Manual Paint Booths, using Electrostatic or HVLP Spray Systems

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