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Measuring & Test Equipment and Mfg. Tools

& Supplies

INSPECTION TOOLS hardness testers, ultrasonic thickness gages, scales, borescopes, surface roughness testers, coating thickness gages, durometers, microscopes, etc. etc.

MEASURING DEVICES calipers, dial indicators, micrometers, depth gages, pin gages, thread plugs, ring gages, height gages, pitch gages, feeler gages, comparators, profile projectors, magnifiers, loupes, scales, shims, gage blocks, comparator stands, etc. etc.

METERS light, infrared thermometers, temperature gauges, sound level, tachometer, refractometers, multimeters, laser levels, protractors, pressure gauges, etc. etc.

TOOLING COMPONENTS magnetic squares, clamps, t-slot tools, magnetizers & demagnetizers, print holders, etc. etc.

METAL WORKING & CUTTING SUPPLIES - sanding blocks, drill bits, grinding stones, machine coolants, magnetic vises, mills, reamers, abrasives, wheel brushes, layout fluids, cutting fluids, etc. etc.

TOOL CARTS & DOLLIES - tray carts, service carts, platform trucks, drum dollies, hand trucks, tote carts, equipment dollies, etc. etc.

MACHINING SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES vises, index fixtures, collets, chucks, etc. etc.

SHOP ACCESSORIES fans, heaters, brooms, clocks, stopwatches, soaps & cleansers, task lights, work lights, etc. etc.

MATERIAL HANDLING storage cabinets, compartment boxes, tool boxes, sensitive equipment cases, tie downs, bungee cords, hoists, part & shelf bins, wire containers, worktables, warehouse desks, etc. etc.

SAFETY safety glasses, vests, hard hats, ear muffs, ear plugs, gloves, aprons, spill kits, mats, disposable masks & gloves, knee pads, etc. etc.

HOSES & FITTINGS pressure regulators, blow-off guns, retractable hose fixtures, coiled hoses, air fittings, snap together hose, etc. etc.

HAND TOOLS wrenches, hammers, pliers, tweezers, chisels, screwdrivers, drills, etc. etc.



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Check out our Facebook page to see multiple pictures of our Equipment